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Advisory Services

Jindal And Company provide following Indian Advisory Services: 

  • Inheritance of assets by NRI from residents in India and non-residents. 
  • Tax Treaties 
  • Establishment of Branch Office by Foreign Company 
  • Establishment of Liasion Office by a Foreign company 
  • Office in India and outside India. 
  • Taxation of NRIs carrying on business in India and outside India. 
  • Advance Ruling 
  • Issuance of securities in India 
  • Investment advisory services in India in shares, securities, mutual funds and properties. 
  • Opening and operating banking accounts and any specific schemes for Non Resident Indians.
  • Application to Foreign Investment Promotion Borad( FIBP) 
  • Application to Secretariat of Industrial Assistance ( SIA) 
  • Preparation of Loan Application Form for Working Capital from Banks and financial institutions. 
  • Preparation of Term Loan Appliaction for funding from Banks and financial institution. 
  • Foreign Investment in India, by setting up of joint Venture, Branch office, Liaison office etc.
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